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David Moss - 2008 Accomplishments

  • Million Dollar Settlement against drunk driver, January 2008
  • $300,000 - wrongful death / medical malpractice claim, June 2008 
  • $435,000 - auto negligence / herniated disc injury, September 2008
  • $600,000 - construction site accident, October 2008
  • $1.76 million dollar wrongful death / medical malpractice, November 2008
  • $250,000 - auto negligence / head injury, December 2008

Vince Colella - Accomplishments

  • $500,000 Federal court verdict against Charlotte police officer (deadly force claim) - 2006
  • Confidential 6-figure settlement in shooting death case against Warren Police Department - August 2008 
  • $100,000 settlement for reality television star against executive producer - September 2008
  • $900,000 settlement against apartment complex fire - November 2008
  • Co-counsel for children of Tamara Greene in $100 million dollar lawsuit against City of Detroit - 2009
  • $10 million dollar race discrimination suit awaiting trial - March 2009

Neil Rockind - In The News

  • In January 2009, Neil Rockind was interviewed by the Detroit Free Press regarding his .
  • Neil Rockind represents a woman who has been recently charged with a hit-and-run accident.
    •  - December 2, 2008
    •  - January 30, 2009
    • - February 3, 2009
    • - March 3, 2009
    •  from Channel 4 (WDIV)
  • Neil Rockind renders an acquittal from a man accused of drug conspiracy and facing life in prison.
  • Neil Rockind defends a man accused of consipiring to deliver more than $1,000,000 in cocaine.
  • Neil Rockind provides  on former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's legal issues.
  • Neil Rockind is named "Detroit's Hottest Lawyer" by Six Degrees magazine.
  • Neil Rockind on former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's case.
  • Neil Rockind offers legal analysis to the media in a controversial infanticide case.
  • Neil Rockind gets "not guilty" verdicts for three elected officials in perjury case.
  • Neil Rockind defends Eagles officials in a gambling case.
  • Neil Rockind reacts to the sentencing of Traci Beth Jackson.
  • Neil Rockind clears Jimmie Nelson of murder and perjury charges.
  • Neil Rockind offers expert commentary on cyberstalking for a book.
  • Neil Rockind defends employee in white-collar fraud case involving $2.5 million dollar loss.
  • Neil Rockind speaks to the popular "Basketbrawl" case of NBA players and fans.
  • Neil Rockind prosecutes Dr. Death.
  • Neil Rockind appears in USA Today on "Basketbrawl" case of NBA players and fans.
  • Neil Rockind defends Geoffrey Fieger in extortion case.
  • Neil Rockind defends a teen who claimed self-defense in an alleged sunglasses stabbing.
  • Neil Rockind defends Traci Beth Jackson in a case involving the alleged rat poisoning of her husband.
  • Neil Rockind defends Tim and Lisa Holland in the disappearance of their son, Ricky Holland.
  • Neil Rockind sues Eminem for $10 million dollars in his divorce with wife Kim.
  • Neil Rockind, in the "Basketbrawl" case of NBA players and fans, fights to get NBA "giants" to court.
  • Neil Rockind clears Geoffrey Fieger of extortion.
  • Neil Rockind represents wife Kim in the divorce with superstar Eminem.
  • Neil Rockind defends Geoffrey Fieger in a campaign finance case.
  • Neil Rockind collaborates with team of attorneys to exonerate Geoffrey Fieger of improper campaign spending.
  • Neil Rockind successfully defends Geoffrey Fieger from state campaign finance charges.
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