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Michigan Criminal Defense and Personal Injury Attorneys

Accustomed to Winning

This is your life. It's personal to you. When it comes to criminal defense and personal injury cases, we know that losing is not an option.

We cannot even tolerate the thought of losing because we've grown accustomed to winning. When we take your case, all of our creativity and commitment — our drive, knowledge, know-how and resources — are channeled into pursuing the results you need.

Free Consultations

To find out more about how we will put our winning approach to work for you, e-mail us or call us at 1-800-MUSTWIN (1-800-687-8946) for civil cases or 248-208-3800 for criminal defense.

We Care About Two Things: You and Winning

One piece of advice that we frequently hear passed from lawyer to lawyer is "Don't take your client's case personally."

To us, this advice is worthless.

Of course we're going to take your case personally. You are involved in a matter that has already had a huge impact on your life. You have turned to us for help in setting things straight. You trust us to do everything we can to get you results.

We will absolutely take your case personally.

That's why we care about winning. We care about winning BECAUSE we care about you. At our law office, we understand how much of a toll a loss could take on your life. We know the difference that a win can make. You can rest assured that we will go for the win.

Our team is available to provide aggressive representation in personal injury and criminal defense cases in Detroit, throughout Michigan, and across the country.

E-mail us or call 1-800-MUSTWIN (1-800-687-8946) in civil cases or 248-208-3800 in criminal cases to schedule a free consultation with an experienced attorney.

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