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Macomb County Auto Accidents

Need Compensation for a Car Accident?

Our attorneys are here to pursue it for you.

We are a team that is dedicated to working together to recover full and fair compensation for any type of auto accident. This includes compensation for pain and suffering, lost wages and medical bills.

To set up a free consultation, e-mail us or call us at 1-800-MUSTWIN (1-800-687-8946).

All car accident cases are handled on a contingency basis. That means there is no risk involved in enlisting us. You are only obligated to pay us if we are able to successfully get you results.

Our law firm is available to serve car wreck victims and their family members in Warren, Sterling Heights, Utica, Mt. Clemens, Macomb and all cities within Macomb County in the Tri-County area of Southeast Michigan.

Ready to Handle All Car Accident Cases

Does your case involve a serious personal injury caused by a motor vehicle accident? Have you suffered the wrongful death of a loved one in a fatal car crash? Our lawyers are here to stand by your side.

We are ready to handle all types of auto accident cases, including:

Whether a car accident took place on the way out to one of the new malls, on the way home from the Air Force base or anywhere else in the county, our team is ready to help you through it.

We Know How to Get Results

Our lawyers are ready to get started immediately. Depending on the case, we will enlist private investigators to check out the scene of the car accident, turn to expert witnesses to analyze the collision, and take all other necessary steps. We will work hard to gather the facts.

We will use those facts as building blocks to construct a case that is dedicated to withstanding the strength of the opposition: the insurance company.

Insurance companies don't scare us. We know they have a lot of money and a lot of resources. We know that they will put both to work to avoid paying you the compensation you deserve.

Most importantly, we know how to push back. Our personal injury and wrongful death attorneys will make it very clear to the opposition that we are not willing to accept no for an answer. We are not willing to accept a fair settlement. We are ready to fight to get you every last penny of compensation that you deserve.

A Record of Success

We've done this before and we will make certain the insurance company knows it. They will see our history of six and seven figure awards and understand that we are a law firm they must take seriously.

We are here to win your car accident case.

Do you think your car wreck case is one-of-a-kind? Did another lawyer tell you that it couldn't be done? Bring it to us. There is no challenge that we are not ready for. We take pride in overcoming obstacles to get results for our clients.

You Only Pay if We Win Your Case

E-mail us or call us at 1-800-MUSTWIN (1-800-687-8946) to discuss your situation with a dedicated car accident attorney.

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