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Macomb County Dog Bites Animal Attacks

Need Compensation for a Dog Bite?

Our lawyers are ready to help you pursue it aggressively.

We believe you deserve full and fair compensation. You may have medical bills, lost wages and other costs to deal with that you deserve to be compensated for, not to mention the pain and suffering a dog attack has caused you. Let us help you get what is fair.

To set up a free consultation, e-mail us or call us at 1-800-MUSTWIN (1-800-687-8946).

Our team handles all dog bite and animal attack cases on a contingency basis. That means that you run no risk in enlisting us, because we will only ask you for payment if we are successful in getting you compensation.

Our law firm is available to help victims of dangerous dogs and other animals in Warren, Sterling Heights, Utica, Mt. Clemens, Macomb and all cities within Macomb County in the Tri-County area of Southeast Michigan.

Ready to Handle All Dog Bite Cases

Has an attack from a vicious dog caused serious personal injury to you or a family member? Has your child been left with permanent scars due to a dog bite? Has a dog attack caused the wrongful death of a loved one? We are serious about helping you.

We are ready to represent you in any type of dog bite and animal attack case, including:

The type of dog involved in a bite or attack case doesn't matter. We know that all types of dogs can cause damage, from pitbulls and rottweilers to smaller breeds. Let us stand by your side.

We Know How to Get Results

From the very moment you turn to us to help you with your dog bite case, we will begin piecing together the facts. We will interview witnesses. We may turn to experts and investigators. We will make certain that we have all of the evidence in our control.

That evidence will be used to design a legal strategy with the strength to overcome the opposition: the insurance company.

Insurance companies tend to not want to pay claims. They are businesses, after all. As businesses, their goal is to watch their bottom lines. They are often willing to put forth a lot of resources trying to deny your claim.

We want to see that they pay, whether they like it or not. Our team has resources at our disposal, too. We also have energy, creativity and knowledge that we will put to work to see that you get results.

A Record of Success

One thing we will make clear to the opposition is that we have done this before. We have a record of taking cases to trial. We have a record of getting results. Our track record includes numerous six and seven figure victories.

We want to make your case a victory.

To do so, we will show the insurance company how serious we are about winning your dog bite case. They will know that we are willing to go all the way. If they do not provide a fair settlement, they will be in for a fight.

You Only Pay if We Win Your Case

E-mail us or call us at 1-800-MUSTWIN (1-800-687-8946) to talk about your dog bite or other animal attack case with a trusted attorney.

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