Federal Crimes and Offenses

Federal Crimes and Offenses

Federal criminal cases are those that are typically investigated by federal agencies, such as the FBI, DEA, Customs, Treasury, and other federal agencies.  Sometimes state and local agencies also file charges in federal court if the offenses involve large quantities of drugs, weapons, money or other contraband.  The federal criminal system has some very significant differences from the state criminal justice system.  First, the federal government has more resources to prosecute cases, including special units to prosecute drugs, fraud, and violent crimes.  While the state and local government also have special units, they have fewer prosecutors with larger case loads.  Local law enforcement agencies do not have nearly as many resources to complete complicated investigations with as much thoroughness as federal law enforcement agencies. 

Success in federal criminal proceedings require a lawyer who has both extensive knowledge and experience of the federal rules of evidence, federal rules of criminal procedure, trial procedure, federal sentencing guidelines, and the recent Supreme Court rulings which affect sentencing.  As an experienced trial lawyer, who has handled federal cases since leaving the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office in 1997, Neil is equipped to represent you in nearly every federal offense.

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